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Virtual Guide: The Font

July 2023: This page contains placeholder text for a proof of concept trial. We intend to refine this information at a later date.

The Font holds the water with which people of all ages are Baptised into the Christian faith. The service of Baptism is sometimes called a Christening.

Babies, especially, come with their families and godparents, and have their being and worth affirmed in the context of a God who loves all his creation.

Those who, in this sacrament, start along the Christian Way declare that they Turn to Christ, Repent of their Sins, and Renounce Evil.

They also pledge their belief and trust in God the Father who made and sustains the world, in his Son Jesus Christ who redeemed mankind, and in the Holy Spirit who gives life to people of God.

Font detail

The Font has a leopard’s head hidden among the finely carved leaves suggesting that it was a gift of the Macry family, whose name lives on in the hamlet of Mackerye End towards Harpenden. The Font Cover shows ‘gothic’ decoration of the 1700s.

People have been Baptised in this font since the early 1300s. An earlier, twelfth century font of Purbeck marble was transferred to St. Nicholas’ church in Harpenden in the 1300s.

For in the one Spirit, we were all brought into one body by baptism…    1 Corinthians 12.13