St Helens Church, High Street, Wheathampstead, St Albans, AL4 8AA. Worship Times: 10am every Sunday

Friends of St Helen’s Church

St Helen’s Church lies at the heart of our village today as it has done for more than 700 years. Over the centuries it has seen plagues, wars, failed harvests, hunger, poverty, anxiety and loss. Today, as the beating heart of the village, the church still welcomes those who visit or live here or come for baptisms, marriages, funerals, commemorations and all kinds of celebrations. And every Sunday the sound of bells, of music and voices singing continue to comfort and inspire us whether we are inside the church or just passing by.

The Friends of St Helen’s Church, a non-religious charity, was set up over 50 years ago to raise funds for the preservation, repair and restoration of our beautiful medieval building. The Friends continue work to ensure that we leave a legacy of careful stewardship for the coming generations of residents and visitors who come from far and wide. It is obvious how much it costs to maintain our own homes so imagine what is costs to protect and enhance such a significant and historic church after seven centuries.

The Friends of St Helen’s Church is a registered charity (1048053) and we gratefully accept all gifts, donation and legacies. Why not join us?

For more information on membership and donations please contact:
Mrs Margaret Pearce (Treasurer), Friends of St Helen’s Church.
01582 833581 e-mail: