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Garden of Remembrance – Extension Plan

The Garden of Remembrance in St Helen’s Churchyard currently has space for approximately 60 more interments of ashes. The annual average is 12-15 interments which means that the Garden will likely be full within 4 years.

An area of land which is immediately adjacent and to the west of the current Garden of Remembrance has been identified as an opportunity to extend this sacred space. The proposed extension would cover approximately 73m2 of churchyard (similar to the existing area) and embraces three 19th C headstones, two flat early 20th C gravestones (overgrown) and two small trees.

Guided by our church architect Michael Dales it is proposed that we replicate the current plaque rail structure on the West side of the current GofR on the other side of the Box hedge.

The outer boundary line of the new extension will be marked by a new 8.4m length of hedge (Ilex Crenata (Japanese Holly)) which will be maintained at the same height as the existing Box hedge as shown in the sketch drawing.