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Email for Families – Breakfast on the Beach


Here’s our next email for families…

Breakfast on the Beach

Jesus is back… but the disciples are bored?!?

“I’m bored!” I wonder how many of us have had to listen to that complaint recently?

In this week’s story Peter experiences a roller-coaster of emotions – which I think many of us can relate to!  Click here to see the story.

As a family you might like to watch this and then share what emotions you are feeling right now.  Or perhaps you could have a BBQ, like Jesus, and then use these questions to reflect on the story:

  • After that first Easter, why do we think Peter & the disciples went fishing?
  • Why do we think Peter jumped out of the boat and what might have stopped some of the other disciples from doing the same thing?
  • How might Peter have felt when Jesus gave him the job of feeding Jesus’ “sheep” (followers)?
  • If you were with Jesus on the beach, what job would you hope He’d give you?
As ever, we have a ‘picnic basket’ of ideas below, things to do and explore to get even more out of the story.  We hope that these will help if you ever get told “I’m bored!”…

God bless you all,
Richard, Claire and Linda.
P.S. You can also visit our website for the full library of boredom-busting resources for families!

Craft & Colouring 
Song – One Way Jesus
An energetic way to worship!
Prayer Activity 
Spinning Fish Prayers
You will need:

  • strips of paper (experiment with length but the ones shown are roughly 10cm x 2cm)
  • Scissors, pens

Choose a strip of paper and write on it the name of the person or situation you would like to pray for, maybe family you are missing or keyworkers.  Cut slits near to the ends of the strip as shown below.

Fit the slits together to make a fish shape.  Now comes the fun part!
Hold the fish high in the air and let it go.  As it gains momentum you will see it start to spin!
As you release you fish and watch it spinning, ask God to look after that person.