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Email for Families: The Parable of the Builders




Here’s our next email for families…

The Wise and Foolish Builders

Another story that Jesus told……

I wonder if you’ve been building whilst at home – Lego, a game of Jenga, maybe even a den in the garden?

In this week’s story we see the importance of thinking carefully about how and where you build.  Click here to see the story.

Jesus said we should build our lives on his words. He wanted us to get active and do things, not just listen and forget it all.

  • How can you take action this week?
  • Can you help someone else out, at home or a neighbour?
  • Can you support a charity which gives people practical help?
See below for ways to get active after you’ve listened to the story – could you hide the stone you decorate for someone else to find?

God bless you all,
Richard, Claire and Linda.
P.S. You can also visit our website for the full library of songs to keep active indoors!

Craft & Colouring 
Song – Our God is a Great Big God
One of our Favourites!
Prayer Activity 

Why not decorate a rock with paints or permanent markers?

You could write God Loves You! on the back and give it to someone or hide it.

  • Pray for those who are feeling lonely.
  • Pray for those with no home.
  • Pray for everyone who works in the construction industry, building new houses and hospitals.
  • Pray for all charities helping vulnerable people in practical ways.