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Email about Children’s Work – A Most Unusual Tea Party



Here’s our next email for families…

A most unusual tea-party!

As we get closer to Easter we bring you a week of special stories from
The Bible, taking place in Jerusalem
(that happens to look a lot like Wheathampstead!)

Click here to see our next story An Important Meal and then, if you want to, you can dive into the activities below to help you explore the story even more…

Why not have your own Important Meal?  Perhaps you could ask each other these questions:

  • Can you imagine yourself at the meal with Jesus?
  • What would you say to Jesus & what might he say to you?
  • I wonder how Jesus felt as Judas went out to betray him?
  • I wonder how Jesus’ friends felt as they went out into the night?

Thank you to the families who have sent us their version of the Palm Sunday story… please do post your comments, suggestions and pictures of your story-related activities to our St Helen’s Church Facebook page (click here).  We’ll be back, very soon, with the next of our special Easter stories.

God bless you all,
With best wishes and prayers
Richard, Claire and Linda.

Craft & Colouring 
Song – Plans
– do you remember the actions?
Perhaps you could make up your own ones if you don’t?
Prayer Activity 
You will need:  cups with about an inch of water at the bottom, strips of kitchen roll, felt tip pens (cheap and cheerful are good and definitely not permanent markers- you need the ink to run!)

  • Draw a heart about about 2 inches up the strip and colour in with pen.  Write the initials of someone (or draw a face of someone!) that you want to pray for.
  • Put the end of the strip in the water and pray that God will help them this week.
  • Watch as the water slowly climbs up the strip and the ink in the heart spreads out to cover and absorb the initials.  This is a symbol of how you want your love and God’s love to reach out to that person.