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19-Jul Email for Children and Families: The Bravest Queen



Here’s our next email for families…

The Bravest Queen




This week’s story is a classic adventure, with people in peril, a treacherous, evil villain and a brave & clever hero…

Perhaps, after watching the story, you and your family could think about what makes someone brave – after all, “brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.” (Bear Grylls)

Click here to see the video of this week’s story.  And scroll down for more ways to help you actively explore the story.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our weekly bible story with activities – don’t forget, they are on our website all summer if you want to dip into them again (click here to visit our website).

Every blessing

Richard, Claire and Linda.




Craft & Colouring 
God Suit On

It says in the Bible that by putting on “God’s armour” it can make us brave – just like Esther!
A Strengthened Heart: Prayer and Craft Activity

You will need: Paper plates, scissors, wool, a pen, mats e.g. made of cork, plastic tapestry needles

Fold the paper plate in half and draw half a heart at the middle fold.  Cut the shape out and open the plate up so that you can see the whole heart

Lay the plate on a mat that will be forgiving to holes (e.g. cork!) and poke a pen through the paper around the cut out heart.  Leave a wide margin or the paper might tear when you come to sewing.

The heart symbolises love, strength and caring.

Esther showed great love for her people and for Mordecai but she also showed that she had a great deal of courage in her heart.

  • think about times when you have needed to show love to others or needed to be brave so you could help others.  
  • Are there times God has helped you to do either or both?

Sometimes we might feel that we need God to help us to be stronger in such situations.  At the moment, the heart shape is an empty space. Choose colours of wool that reflect people you would like God to help you love, or situations where you would like God to help you to show bravery to help others.  Sew though the holes in any order to make a ‘strengthened heart’.

Why not keep your heart by your bed during the following week as a reminder of your thoughts and prayers