2011 – October

Do you enjoy James Bond movies?  Who was your favourite Bond?  Throughout 007’s many incarnations he has always been focused on his objectives, suitably trained and superbly well equipped for each mission.  Think how effective the church could be if each Christian was similarly focused, trained, equipped and motivated!  After all, in common with Bond our mission is to “save the world…” only our orders come from an even higher authority than the mysterious M.

This is one of the reasons why we’ve launched the vision for St Helen’s – if you missed the launch you can get all the details on our new website www.sth-stp.org  including the video featuring people from all walks of life in our village and church community.  The response has been very positive and the coming months will see various initiatives to train and equip us for our mission to “Live and Work to the Glory of God, in Wheathampstead and Beyond.”

In September we gave glory to God through the spectacular Flower Festival which drew in large numbers of people to see the amazing floral art and enjoyed magical concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings along with fabulous refreshments.  A huge thank you to everyone who helped; what creative talent we have amongst us!

Part of our work in the wider world is our support of Ian Harvey and his work with the street children in the DRC (Congo).  Ian is a captivating speaker and will be preaching at our Harvest Festival on 9th October at 10am and then staying for the bring and share lunch – do come along and hear him.

We’re reaching out wider into the community with events such as the One World Week cheese and wine evening on Friday 21st October.  This year we have nationally renowned Channel Four broadcaster Mark Dowd speaking on the hot topic of the environment.  We’re expecting a ‘sell-out’ crowd – so get your tickets from your Churches Together representative early.

To effectively train each other to live the Christian life we’re expanding Alpha this term with courses running Monday and Wednesday mornings and Wednesday evening.  Worldwide it’s proved far and away the most popular way for people to explore the Christian faith.  It’s relaxed, informal and fun; to book a place contact Pippa Legg (01438 832949) or Lindy Clay (01582 833032).

While Bond had all manner of fancy gadgets, confident Christians are equipped with prayer.  However, for many Christians prayer is the area of their spiritual life where they feel weakest and most vulnerable.  So we’ve organised an evening training session for anyone interested in leading intercessions (Wed 12th Oct 7:30pm at St Peter’s) and a Sunday evening session to “Explore your questions about prayer.”  You can email your questions to our Administrator (sthwh@live.co.uk ) or complete an anonymous slip in church.  Then at St Peter’s on Sunday 23rd October at 6pm members of the Ministry Team will explore some answers to your questions.

We hope you will be focused, trained, equipped and sufficiently motivated by our vision to join us in making it a reality.  This way, together we can grow towards being the mature Christian Community which God is calling us to.  And when the whole church lives and works to the glory of God we shall truly be an unstoppable force in God’s mission to ‘save the world’!

May God bless you in fulfilling your part in His mission – Richard.

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