2011 – November

Communication, communication, communication.  We spend a huge amount of time and energy communicating with others using all sorts of different media.  As I look back over today, I’ve met people one-to-one and in groups, I’ve spoken on the phone (mobile and landline), sent and received numerous emails and text messages and later I shall drop a letter into the post box.  I haven’t yet updated my Facebook status, Tweeted or posted on a blog!  Advances in technology have given us a bewildering array of means by which we can keep in touch but, given the choice most of us would choose a hand addressed envelope on the doormat over the blinking dialogue box declaring “You have unopened email.”  Above all you just can’t beat seeing someone face to face.  Two thousand years ago people were fortunate enough to see the God face-to-face in Jesus Christ, today we hear from Him through his Word to us in the Bible and through His Spirit speaking to us.  And how encouraging it is for all Christians that in our prayers God communicates with us – without the need to leave answer-phone messages or send emails!

Although we spend so much time communicating, it’s usually beneficial to brush up our communication skills – especially with God.  This is why we’ve recently been promoting workshops on prayer and selling notes to help us understand the bible better.  It’s also why we’ve invested in a new website (www.sth-stp.org) to keep people in touch with our different activities.  Since communication is so much better when it’s two-way, our website includes a blog – each month this column will be ‘posted online’ and you can respond or add your comments.  There’s also a page where you can download copies of the current and previous church pew-sheets and other information.

We’ve been communicating lots with Ian Harvey our Mission Partner from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in recent weeks and were very disappointed not to see him in person for our Harvest Festival , due to his ill health.  The good news is that he is recovering and we hope to re-organise his visit for late November or early December; keep an eye out for details.  Despite his absence, we raised over £1,000 for his work with street-children.

On 6th November the Bishop of Hertford is with us preaching at our 9:30am Parish Communion and leading our 11:15am Family Service.  Then at 4pm we will hold our annual service to remember those whose death we mourn.  This is primarily for those families who have lost a loved one in the past year, however if you would like a loved one to be remembered by name (and the lighting of a candle) email our administrator sthwh@live.co.uk or add the name to the list at the back of church.

Later in the month, on Thursday 24th the Churches Together will be joining in the Village Lights Up event by singing Christmas Carols at the Lych Gate – do come and join us as we get in the festive spirit.  To mark the start of the church year on Advent Sunday there will be a service of Advent carols and readings at 6pm on Sunday 27th November.

The Ministry Team make every effort to communicate all that is going on in the life of our church – do let us know if there is more we can do.  But much more importantly we hope that by prayer and engaging with the Bible you are regularly in communication with God the Father who created you, God the Son who redeemed you and God the Holy Spirit who sustains you.

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