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Outward Giving

The Outward Giving team focuses on events in our own community and conflict overseas, and this focus has guided us to the following charities for which we raise funds.



The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society runs centres in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and these offer advice and help on children’s health and education, outreach to parents and assistance in helping them find training and employment. The centres also give parents or carers the chance to play with their children in a safe and stimulating environment.


Christians Against Poverty

Debt can be a big factor in families being torn apart and is causes stress and worry, leading to depression and even in some devastating cases suicide. CAPs vision is to help answer the national problem of debt by opening CAP Debt Centres and running CAP Money Courses in every town and city in the UK so anyone can receive CAP’s life changing help.  Every year they help over 20,000 people to get out of debt and see 500 people become Christians through their Debt Help work as well as 10,000 people benefiting from the CAP money course. 


Open Doors

Open Doors exists to strengthen the church in the World’s most hostile places, these include Syria, Iran, Tanzania and Central African to name but  a few.Every day millions of Christians are persecuted for their faith.  Open Doors uses some of it’s donations to bring hope to the children of victims of persecution. They also provide relief packs to Syria and North Korea which typically provide a family of four with essentials like food, medicines, bedding and a bible.Open Doors supports teaching Christians in these countries to learn to read and write and they provide training for girls who have been forced to leave school at a young age. 




The Outward Giving team are continuing to build its relationship with local charities.


Open Door in St Albans (not to be confused with Open Doors)

The Open Door Charity works to ensure that no-one need sleep rough in St Albans and to improve the life chances of homeless people in our community.  Our main activities are to raise funds for the Open Door Homelessness Service in Bricket Road, St Albans, to support and improve the service, and to promote volunteering.The Open Door Homelessness Service is a night shelter and daytime drop-in for vulnerable people in St Albans. The Service regularly gives accommodation to up to 12 people each night, and provides them with a hot meal.  The drop-in offers support and advice, including on housing and health issues.



The Living Room

The Living Room charity looks to provide recovery services for people with the illness of addiction and to support family members, based in St Albans.