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Enrolment in Electoral Roll 2019

Every 6 years the Electoral Roll has to be completely renewed.  2019 is such a year and everyone who wishes to be on the Electoral Roll, including those already on the Roll, must complete a new form if they wish to be included on the new Roll.

All those who are baptised members of The Church of England, and who either live in the parish, or living outside the parish have worshipped regularly in the Parish over the past six months , are entitled to apply to be on the Electoral Roll.

Being on the Electoral Roll entitles you to vote on Parish matters but involves no other obligations, financial or otherwise.

Application forms will be available in both Churches from 2nd February until the closing date,
9th  March.  If for some reason you will be unable to collect a form from church between these  dates,  then if you contact me I will ensure that you receive a form.

Completed forms can be sent to or handed to the Electoral Roll Officer, or handed to either of the Church Wardens or any member of the Clergy, or the Parish Office.

Judith Lambert
Electoral Roll Officer
07803754880 / 01438832521
24 Dale Avenue, Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead, AL4 8LS