School Admission Policy


If you are considering applying for a place at a church school for your child, you may wish to support your application with details of your church attendance. 

To verify your attendance, most church schools require the church to sign a declaration that the family (i.e. the child in question plus at least one parent or main carer) has attended the church once per calendar month for a period of time. Currently for St Helen’s School, this is one year and for St George’s School, this is two years. Please do check the application policy of the school you are considering for any other requirements.

So that our church can administer these attendance declarations in a fair and consistent way, we have a specific register which we ask parents to sign each time that they attend a service as a family. You will only have to register the children for whom you are planning on applying to church schools.

The School Application Register is available in the coffee area after all services, including family services and at the major festivals. At other services, please ask the minister taking the service for the Register. This register is used to keep an accurate record of family attendance so that, in partnership with you, we can provide the schools with the information they require. If attending in a particular calendar month will present a problem for you, please speak to a minister in advance.

We know that school applications can be a stressful time for a family. We hope that by making our part of the process clear and consistent we are helping you manage your application.  But if there is anything else we can do to support you or your child, at this or any other stage, please do let us know.