Bible Study Groups





Bible study is an integral part of church life – it not only enables members of the congregation to get to know, and to support, each other but more importantly, helps them to grow in Christian faith. You are very welcome to join in either of the groups below:

Monday Group 8:00pm

44 Wick Avenue

Contact David Perch 01582 629160






Bible Study for Mums (crèche provided for young children) 9:15-11:00am on Mondays22 Marford Road

Contact Claire Banham 01582 833144


Study Group Tuesdays (fortnightly),  8pm

39 Ash Grove

Contact Jon & Anne 01582 832335



Word Live

2:00pm on Thursdays

1 Town Farm

Contact Madeleine 01582 831853 or Lindy 01582 833032


Beginner’s Group

Come along to this Beginner’s group which focuses on the character of David – Developing a Heart for God.  This study looks at themes which are relevant to us today and can help us move forward in our own faith.

16  and 30 September

21 and 28 October

11 and 25 November

The sessions stand alone and there is no need to commit to all dates.

Please contact Vicky on 07970 431265.