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The Wheathampstead Friends is a new service starting early 2012.  It is supported by the Wheathampstead Community Group & Wheathampstead Churches Together.  This includes the Bereavement Support Group (affiliated to the St Albans Bereavement Network)

Wheathampstead as a village, is known for its friendliness and support of one another in times of need. Even in a friendly community like ours, situations arise where you may need support, if only temporarily.

Local community groups are getting together to provide help through visiting, listening and/or certain practical tasks, to people who are lonely, acting as carers, bereaved or experiencing any other kind of loss of relationship or situation.

lf you have a concern, access can be through referral, by a professional, eg. Church leaders, medical personnel, teachers, local groups (or you yourself) to a co-ordinator, with your agreement

 To download the read-only PDF Referral Form for The Wheathampstead Friends please click here

To download the  Microsoft WORD Referral Form for The Wheathampstead Friends please click here

or contact Lydia Gladwin, Co-ordinator (01582 834223) 


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